P.S. Poker nights will now be held in El Cerrito.


Apparently that last post confused many people. Lord of the Rings fans will recogonize the text as the last words from the book in Ballin's Tomb in Moria. All of the dwarves were killed off by orcs, goblins, and other evil creatures.

I was going to have that be the last words on the 5824 blog, but I guess we really aren't in mortal danger surrounded by sword-wielding enemies. And I've still got a week as an official resident here.

Most of our stuff has been moved out, leaving a lot of room in the house. What have I been doing with all the extra space? I've been having hockey practice in the living room. I have a right-handed and a left-handed hockey stick and a bunch of Nerf balls. I hit baseball lefty, but golf righty. I used to think I was a lefty shooter, but my right-handed slap shot is much better. I'm pretty good with the wrister as well. Of course, since I can only skate in a straight line going forward, all this practice probably won't do me much good.

Not sure if there will be an El Cerrito house blog yet. If you need our new location, and if you plan to play poker you will, contact me or Jason. (I don't know if he wants me to post the address here. We don't know who reads this blog. There might be some crazy people like Jose out there.)


They have taken the bridge and the second wall. We have barred the gates, but cannot hold them for long. The ground shakes. Drums drums in the deep.

We cannot get out. The shadow moves in the dark. We cannot get out. They are coming....



5824 is having a once in a lifetime going out of business sale!

Assorted golf clubs 30% off!

Unused hand towels 50% off!!

Jones Holiday Editon Soda 70% off!!

Anything belonging to Chris FREE!!


The half bottle of brussel sprouts soda? Gone. One of Jason's kids drank the crap for a measly $4. That's not going to cover his impending medical bills.


Richmond, most dangerous city in California, and ranked 11th nationwide.

The city just hired a new police chief. You want to know where the guy is from? Fargo, North Dakota.

In the same poll that ranked Richmond 11th most dangerous, Fargo s the 12th safest. Numbers of murders/homicides in Fargo in 2003: 0. So either this guy was really good at deterring violent crimes, or he's going to be in for a big surprise.


During our most recent Thanksgiving edition of poker night, we had a Jones soda tasting. I like most Jones soda flavors, such as the green apple or blue lemonade. But this party wasn't for just any Jones soda. It was the special holiday flavors.

This holiday pack comes with 5 different flavors: turkey and gravy, wild herb stuffing, brusell sprouts, cranberry, and pumpkin pie. These are supposed to be sodas. Jones occasionally makes exotic flavored sodas. During Halloween, I drank a caramel apple soda and they also had candy corn flavored soda. But as big of a soda drinker as I am, there was no way I was going to try any of these.

However, there were many braver souls than I. First up was the wild herb stuffing. A few people were getting excited about trying this interesting beverage. How could a soda taste like stuffing? Several cups were filled with about 1 oz. of this stuff that looked a lot like sewer water. People sniffed it. And then sipped some. I believe only one person actually got sick from it, but that's only because Ted was willing to drink the rest of the crap in his cup for a 25 cent poker chip.
The general opinion was that it was not very good.

The reactions of the testers was enough to make me not even think about drinking any of the other flavors, but maybe it was under the influence of beer, I don't know what drove them to try a second bottle of the holiday pack. This time: brusell sprouts. I don't even like normal brusell sprouts, so the thought of a brusell sprouts soda makes me sick. How can this stuff be put under the same category as Pepsi? And it looked nasty. Like swamp water with the moss and sludge. It smelled bad. Yet a few still dared to actually put this stuff into their body. Searcy made like a Hollywood actress and forced himself to hurl the crap back out. If he doesn't like it, it has to be bad.

We still have about half of the brusell sprouts bottle remaining. I'll pay anyone a dollar to drink it.


CNN.com - Group ranks most dangerous U.S. cities - Nov 21, 2005

Somehow despite recently being named the most dangerous city in California and the 33 shooting in a city of less than 100,000, Richmond, CA did not make the list. Richmond, VA did. The West Coast still gets no respect.

You want danger? There was a huge fire just a block away last night. I was driving up McBryde and even after I reached our house, I could see the flames shooting over the top of the trees in the park. It was a couple of houses on the other side of the ranger station. It would have been a mess if the fire had spread into Alvaraldo Park, but I guess the five or six fire engines did a pretty good job containing it.


What kind of fruit is this?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I always thought the tree outisde our house was a lemon tree (similiar to the one that was taken away a few months ago), but I don't really know what it is now. It looked like limes at first, but they get as big and lumpy as grapefruits. Maybe we need to test our water for steroids.

I'll give someone a dollar to eat one of these.


To diffuse some of the mystery of the last post, I will offer a few scenerios that may contribute to the impending end of the 5824 dynasty.

A. After numerous complaints about the unsanitary hand towels in the bathroom of Casino 5824, the county health department made a surprise inspection and has decided to shut us down for good.

B. Dating back several years, the problems with team chemistry finally became too much to overcome. Even after trading Danny to Los Angeles, problems persisted. Cal declared Jason was 'uncoachable' and decided not to sign a contract extension.

C. Radiation emitted from the multiple tv screens has made this house unsafe for humans to live in.

D. Cal is taking his last $76 and moving to Vegas. With Chris paying approximately $0 rent per month, Jason will be forced to relocate.

E. The spiders have taken over. All our lighter have run out of fuel. There is no hope for survival.

F. Someone stole all our freaking spoons. (Seriously, a lot of our tablespoons are missing.) We are moving to a low crime area where we can eat our soup in peace.


The end of 5824??? (Ominous cliffhanger music...dun dun dun)

i think 5824 should have something to say about this: Eight Games a Week.

it's an article about a guy who is watching 8 football games at once on one tv. one tv? ha!


A few nights ago, we brought back a 5824 tradition: The Food Olympics
The event: Egg Baseball

Because one participant was concerned about getting egg yolk all over themselves, I hard boiled a few of the eggs we were going to use. Then Jason, Chris, and I took a Louisville Slugger and literally cracked out a few hits. (Some of my roommates need to BALCO up.) Then after batting practice, we did the Greg Maddux strikeout challenge with the remaining raw eggs.

If this sounds stupid to you, it's probably because it is. But it is darn fun. And it's one of the reasons I always buy the 18 count AA large eggs from Safeway when it's buy one get one free.


Some world records are stupid. Watching tv for almost 70 hours straight? Not impressed. (Sucks that he had to watch only ABC shows just to be on with Regis.)
I can do that in one weekend here. In fact on many Saturdays, I utilize 4 screens for 8 to 10 hours. (The 5th screen is to be in case of emergency only.) That's 40 hours of tv without even trying. Unfortunately, during the weekdays without college football, programming on tv has bored me to the point I rarely use even three screens.

People used to tell us we were crazy, but I think more people are starting to believe in our multi-tv in the same room setup. It's at the point where I see all the screens on display at Best Buy and am no longer impressed by the sheer quanity. I think back to the old days when picture-in-picture technology on tvs was cool.

(I'm still working for a way to move one of the smaller screens to the opposite side of the room so all players at the poker table can have an optimal viewing angle.)


The reason poker action has been wild and crazy the last few weeks:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

We've been told it adds a touch of class to Casino 5824. It's been bring quads, straight flushes, and even a royal flush.

A recent poker debate topic:
What is more impressive: using one of your hold cards to complete a royal flush, or using both of your hold cards to complete a king-high straight flush?

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